Next Generation Sequencing Facility


The NGS facility is wholly owned and run by the University of Leeds and aims to provide a very flexible sequencing service in which cutting edge methodologies can be rapidly developed and provided as a service to both internal and external users.


Illumina HiSeq

The facility is currently equipped with Illumina HiSeq 3000, NextSeq and two MiSeq sequencers as well as a PacBio Sequel and ONT Minions, and we can discuss which of these may meet your needs for sequencing of DNA or RNA samples. Depending on requirements, we can sequence user-prepared libraries or provide an extensive library preparation service. The facility has a proven track record in the effective use of exome, polyA selected, rRNA depleted and miRNA RNA-Seq and Chip-Seq methodologies, and we are continuously striving to broaden our skill base.

As our team works closely with members of the NHS diagnostic labs and University research staff, we are able to generate data with a full audit trail to NHS diagnostic standards while simultaneously proving a flexible environment that allows us to rapidly respond to new developments in your research field.

Sequencing instruments

Library preparation

The NGS facility has access to all the equipment needed to create libraries for your sequencing projects. For many applications, we can offer to prepare libraries for you. Alternatively, it may be more appropriate for users to generate their own libraries, and in this case, we can discuss arrangements for access to our facilities. Read more


We have considerable expertise in analysis of large-scale sequence data, either using standard research techniques or by developing new analysis methodologies in partnership with investigators. We will support you in whatever way we are able. We can also offer assistance in setting up your own personal analysis platform on the University's HPC clusters (ARC2, ARC3 and ARC4 when it's operational). Currently, we routinely perform RNA Seq analysis, exome based variant detection and annotation, de novo assembly of genomes (bacterial and viral) and transcriptomes, 16S/18S meta-genomics analysis and variant calling for bacterial whole genome sequencing Read more

To date we have developed a range of bioinformatics programs that facilitate various tasks across a wide range of medical and biological disciplines. Currently available software applications can be found here.

Price list

Our prices are comparable to those to those of other academic research facilities and typically much cheaper than commercial service providers. Read more

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