m6a Viewer

m6a Viewer is a cross-platform java application for detecting and visualising peaks in ME-RIP/ m6a-seq data. Java 1.7+ is required to run the application. For the analysis of multiple samples or if using large genome annotation files, we recommend running m6aViewer in 64-bit java environment with 2GB+ RAM. For more information, please see the reference manual here.


m6a Viewer is being developed by Agne Antanaviciute at University of Leeds, UK. If you have any queries regarding the application, please email to: umaan@leeds.ac.uk



Download the executable. Java 1.7+ is required.
The latest version is 1.6.0. Version history is available here.
The executable is approximately 100Mb in size (large file size due to the in-built resources-gene annotations, model files etc.).

Please note: As of version 1.5.0, m6aViewer will attempt to reserve 1.5G of RAM on 32bit operating systems and 2G of RAM of on 64bit operating systems.
This behaviour can be overwritten by custom JVM settings if application is launched via command line with '--skipautoheap' parameter. See user manual for details.

DOWNLOAD (Version 1.6.1)


A reference guide PDF can downloaded here:

Test Data

If you wish to test the application, sorted and indexed bam files are available. The data is 36 base pair single end reads, aligned using STAR aligner to human reference genome.The data is for testing purposes and therefore limited to chromosome 1 only. Fasta reference files, genome annotation GTF file and BAM files are available to download here:
DOWNLOAD FASTA ~66 MB compressed
DOWNLOAD BAM ~124 MB compressed
DOWNLOAD GTF ~0.5 MB compressed