GeneTIER : Expression-based candidate gene prioritisation

Candidate gene prioritisation module based on gene expression data from selected high-throughput sequencing and array experiments. For frequently asked questions, please see documentation. To begin, select disease-associated tissues and either define genomic region(s) of interest or provide a list of genes to prioritise. Gene-rich regions or long input lists may take some time to prioritise.

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blood, BDCA4 dentritic cells, human
blood, CD19 B Cells, human
blood, CD4+ T-cell, mouse
blood, CD4T Cells, human
blood, CD56 NK cells, human
blood, CD8T Cells, human
blood, leukocyte, human
blood, lymphocyte, human
blood, macrophage, mouse
blood, monocyte, human
blood, whole, human
bone marrow, B lymphoblasts, human
bone marrow, CD105 Endothelial, human
bone marrow, CD33 myeloid, human
bone marrow, CD34, human
bone marrow, CD71 early erythroid, human
bone marrow, whole, human
bone marrow, whole, mouse
lymph node, whole, human
spleen, whole, human
spleen, whole, mouse
tonsil, whole, human

bone, tibial lateral subchondral, human
bone, tibial medial subchondral, human
bone, whole, human
muscle, skeletal, mouse
muscle, skeletal, psoas, human
muscle, skeletal, whole, human

lung, bronchial epithelial cell, human
lung, fetal, human
lung, whole, human
lung, whole, mouse
trachea, whole, human

adipose, whole, human
adrenal gland, adrenal cortex, human
adrenal gland, whole, human
pancreas, islet cell, human
pancreas, whole, human
pancreas, whole, mouse
pituitary, whole, human
thymus, whole, human
thymus, whole, mouse
thyroid, fetal, human
thyroid, whole, human

endometrium, whole, human
oocyte, whole, mouse
ovary, whole, human
placenta, whole, human
prostate, whole, human
prostate, whole, mouse
testis, Leydig Cell, human
testis, germ cell, human
testis, interstitial cell, human
testis, seminiferous tubule, human
testis, whole, human
testis, whole, mouse
uterus corpus, whole, human
uterus, whole, human

appendix, whole, human
colon, whole, human
duodenum, whole, human
esophagus, whole, human
gall bladder, whole, human
liver, fetal, human
liver, whole, human
liver, whole, mouse
salivary gland, whole, human
small intestine, whole, human
stomach, whole, human
tongue, whole, human

bladder, whole, human
kidney, whole, human
kidney, whole, mouse
Nervous System

brain, Amygdala, human
brain, Medulla Oblongata, human
brain, caudate nucleus, human
brain, cerebellum, human
brain, cerebellum, mouse
brain, cerebellum peducles, human
brain, cerebral cortex, human
brain, cingulate cortex, human
brain, fetal, human
brain, forebrain, mouse
brain, frontal lobe, human
brain, globus pallidus, human
brain, hippocampus, mouse
brain, hypothalamus, human
brain, occipital lobe, human
brain, parietal lobe, human
brain, pons, human
brain, prefrontal cortex, human
brain, subthalamic nucleus, human
brain, temporal lobe, human
brain, thalamus, human
brain, whole, human
brain, whole, mouse
ciliary ganglion, whole, human
spinal cord, dorsal root ganglion, human
spinal cord, whole, human
spinal cord, whole, mouse
superior cervical ganglion, whole, human
trigeminal ganglion, whole, human

heart, atrioventricular node, human
heart, cardiac myocyte, human
heart, whole, human
heart, whole, mouse
muscle, smooth, human

skin, whole, human

breast, whole, human

brain, fetal, human
caudal neural epithelium, Embryo E8.5, mouse
central neuroepithelium at midline, Embryo E10.5, mouse
cranial mesenchyme, Embryo E9.5, mouse
epidermal ectoderm, Embryo E9.5, mouse
floor plate neural epithelium, Embryo E8.5, mouse
lateral nasal eminence, Embryo E10.5, mouse
liver, fetal, human
lung, fetal, human
mandibular arch epidermal ectoderm, Embryo E10.5, mouse
mandibular arch, Embryo E10.5, mouse
mandibular arch, Embryo E9.5, mouse
maxillary arch epidermal ectoderm, Embryo E10.5, mouse
maxillary arch, Embryo E10.5, mouse
maxillary arch, Embryo E9.5, mouse
medial nasal prominence, Embryo E10.5, mouse
mesenchyme, Embryo E8.5, mouse
neuroepithelium under lateral nasal prominence, Embryo E10.5, mouse
neuroepithelium, Embryo E9.5, mouse
non-floor plate neural epithelium, Embryo E8.5, mouse
olfactory pit, Embryo E10.5, mouse
oocyte, whole, mouse
otic vesicle, Embryo E9.5, mouse
rathkes pouch, Embryo E10.5, mouse
thyroid, fetal, human

eye, corneal epithelial cells, human
eye, lens, mouse
eye, stromal cells, human
olfactory bulb, whole, human

blood, BDCA4 dentritic cells
blood, CD19 B Cells
blood, CD4T Cells
blood, CD56 NK cells
blood, CD8T Cells
blood, leukocyte
blood, lymphocyte
blood, monocyte
blood, whole
bone marrow, B lymphoblasts
bone marrow, CD105 Endothelial
bone marrow, CD33 myeloid
bone marrow, CD34
bone marrow, CD71 early erythroid
bone marrow, whole
lymph node, whole
spleen, whole
tonsil, whole

bone, tibial lateral subchondral
bone, tibial medial subchondral
bone, whole
muscle, skeletal, psoas
muscle, skeletal, whole

lung, bronchial epithelial cell
lung, fetal
lung, whole
trachea, whole

adipose, whole
adrenal gland, adrenal cortex
adrenal gland, whole
pancreas, islet cell
pancreas, whole
pituitary, whole
thymus, whole
thyroid, fetal
thyroid, whole

endometrium, whole
ovary, whole
placenta, whole
prostate, whole
testis, Leydig Cell
testis, germ cell
testis, interstitial cell
testis, seminiferous tubule
testis, whole
uterus corpus, whole
uterus, whole

appendix, whole
colon, whole
duodenum, whole
esophagus, whole
gall bladder, whole
liver, fetal
liver, whole
salivary gland, whole
small intestine, whole
stomach, whole
tongue, whole

bladder, whole
kidney, whole
Nervous System

brain, Amygdala
brain, Medulla Oblongata
brain, caudate nucleus
brain, cerebellum
brain, cerebellum peducles
brain, cerebral cortex
brain, cingulate cortex
brain, fetal
brain, frontal lobe
brain, globus pallidus
brain, hypothalamus
brain, occipital lobe
brain, parietal lobe
brain, pons
brain, prefrontal cortex
brain, subthalamic nucleus
brain, temporal lobe
brain, thalamus
brain, whole
ciliary ganglion, whole
spinal cord, dorsal root ganglion
spinal cord, whole
superior cervical ganglion, whole
trigeminal ganglion, whole

heart, atrioventricular node
heart, cardiac myocyte
heart, whole
muscle, smooth

skin, whole

breast, whole

brain, fetal
liver, fetal
lung, fetal
thyroid, fetal

eye, corneal epithelial cells
eye, stromal cells
olfactory bulb, whole

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