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In attempts to determine the genetic causes of human disease researchers often deal with a substantial quantity of candidate genes. Linkage studies can point to a genomic region containing hundreds of genes, while the high-throughput sequencing approach will identify a multitude of non-synonymous, potentially pathogenic genetic variants. Systematic experimental verification of each such candidate gene is infeasible due to time and cost implications. A researcher will therefore have to decide which genes are worth investigating further. This decision can be made by manually trawling through vast amounts of literature and/or public databases and selecting the likeliest candidates based on various factors. However, such approach is time consuming and prone to human biases and errors. Computational gene prioritisation presents itself as a solution to this problem, systematically analysing candidate genes based on various criteria and sorting the candidates from the most likely gene to be disease causative to the least in a fraction of the time it would take a researcher to perform such queries manually. Here, candidate genes are prioritised using baseline gene expression data for normal human and mouse tissues, working under a hypothesis that expression patterns of a disease gene are different in tissues affected by the disease than in those not exhibiting the phenotype.

Change Log

04/04/14 Small UI changes; FAQ made available; Speed optimisations; Minor bug fixes.
21/03/14 Mouse tissue queries implemented. UI redesigned;
14/03/14 Expression module for human tissues and cell lines active.